How to Use a Cookie Scoop – 7 Easy Ways

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One of the most frequently used utensils in a baker’s arsenal is the cookie scoop. These spring-loaded tools allow you to effortlessly scoop out cookie dough to accurate measurements.

But it’s not just dough that cookie scoops are good for! Whenever you need to portion out batter for cake, cupcakes, muffins, etc., it makes the perfect companion.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, you may be wondering how to use a cookie scoop. Well, they have a wide range of uses, from scooping ice cream to helping shape meatballs. Once you unlock its versatility, you’ll wonder how you went without it before.

So, here are 7 ways to use a cookie scoop to make your life easier!

7 Ways to Use a Cookie Scoop

Whether you have just one cookie scoop or a set of various sizes, you can get a lot done with them. Here are all the seven different ways;

1. Portioning Batter

Making cupcakes or waffles? Cookie scoop to the rescue! You can easily use a large or medium cookie scoop to fill in your cupcake liners or waffle tray.

Even when you’re making pancakes, you can use a cookie scoop to pour out the batter slowly onto the pan, ensuring it spreads evenly and creates satisfyingly uniform pancakes.

2. Scooping Sorbet or Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love the look of a pristine sphere of sorbet or ice cream sitting in a sumptuous bowl? Well, if you have a cookie scoop, it’s not necessary to buy a separate scoop for your frozen treats. Why spend the extra amount?

3. Making Meatballs

Yep, you read that right— the versatility of your cookie scoop means it can help you with savory dishes as well as sweet ones. Using the smaller cookie scoops in your kitchen, the process of shaping meatballs becomes so much easier and much less time-consuming.

Although you will still have to smooth out the balls after they’re done, you’re halfway there.

4. Making Sandwich Filling Portions

Hosting a garden party or a casual soiree with sandwiches on the menu? Why not use your cookie scoop to portion out the fillings with ease and efficiency? Once again, it’ll save you a bunch of time!

5. Making Crepes

If you’ve ever made crepes, you know how messy it can sometimes get when portioning out the batter. That can change if you use a cookie scoop, which has a long handle for easy maneuvering. It can prove invaluable in pouring out just the right amount of crepe batter.

6. Making Cheese Balls

Not unlike the case of meatballs, a medium-sized cookie scoop can go a long way in shortening the time required to make cheese balls. Perfect as appetizers for dinner parties, cheese balls are best when they’re baked as evenly as possible. So, a cookie scoop is certainly a desirable accomplice.

7. Making Cookies

Making Cookies

Did you think we’d leave out cookies? Not when these tools are specifically designed for cookie-making! Thanks to their shape, cookie scoops are an indispensable tool for anyone who loves making cookies.

Not only does it help you transport batter but also it allows your cookies to come out in just the right shape!

Cookie Scoop Size Guide

Looking to buy a cookie scoop, or maybe even a set? It can be helpful to know about the measurement specifications. Cookie scoops are available in a wide range of descending sizes, from #6 to #100. Here’s a rough idea-

Scoop SizeVolume (tbsp.)Bowl Diameter (inches)Fluid Ounces

Final Words

So, that’s how to use a cookie scoop in at least 7 different ways. But remember, you’re not limited to these options. There’s so much you can do with a cookie scoop if you’re creative.

We hope our guide has helped you. Happy cooking, baking, and serving!

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