How to Make Pancakes in an Omelette Maker at Home?

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Who does not love pancakes? Statistics say that people consume approximately 700 million pancakes on a yearly basis. The sheer number says how lovable this simple yet delicious dish is. 

Now, making the perfect pancake is an art that only a few people can do. Do you want to learn the trick? Well, if you read this article, you will learn how to make pancakes in an omelette maker in a jiffy. 

So, do you want to serve amazing pancakes to your wife as a romantic breakfast? Or do you want to serve fluffy and yummy pancakes to your friends or family during a get-together? 

No matter what the occasion is, you will be cooking up fine pancakes for anything because of our exceptional step-by-step process. 

So, shall we get started?

How to Make a Pancake Recipe Using an Omelette Maker

Are you ready to make excellent pancakes? You do not require any special utensils or anything! All you need is your everyday omelette maker. Next, your job is to follow all the steps provided to the core, and you will end up with one of the best pancakes you have ever tasted without giving much effort.

Step 1: Getting the Ingredients 

The secret of having one of the best pancakes is to get the right ingredients (in the right amount as well). So, we have crafted this section focusing on that! Here you will find all the necessary details, including the accurate amount of ingredients you would need for the task. 

  • You cannot bake anything without flour. And, if you are trying to make pancakes, then you would require self-rising flour. We recommend approximately 120g of it (depends on the number of pancakes you are baking).
  • Next, you need two eggs (again, it depends on the amount). 
  • 140g of milk is needed. However, this might vary depending on the number of people you are serving. 
  • Pancakes will be incomplete without sugar. You would need approximately 30g of caster sugar. Nevertheless, this also depends on the number of people you are serving.
  • Salt. Now, the amount of salt depends on your preference. Some like one pinch of salt, while others may like two.
  • You will need a large bowl to hold the batter.
pancake ingredients

All of these ingredients are a must! But the quantity depends on the number of pancakes you are making. 

Step 2: Making the Batter

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, the next step is making the batter. So, take the large bowl and mix all the ingredients. It is wise to add the egg and the milk at first, and then the rest of the stuff. After everything is inside the bowl, start whisking! Keep doing it until no lumps are felt or seen.

Step 3: Preheating & Prepping the Maker

Open the maker at first. Before you fill in the maker with batter, the compartments have to be cleaned, and you can do so with a cloth of soft material. A word of advice, if you are using an electronic omelette maker, then preheating it would be a wise decision. 

When the maker is at the perfect heat, apply a little grease onto the device. One method to find out whether the correct temperature has been reached is by sprinkling water on it. If you witness the droplets dancing about and vaporizing with time, then it is ready! Do this before spraying the grease.

Step 4: Making the Pancake

Once everything is set, it is time to make the pancake. All you have to do is fill the maker up, and the device will take care of the rest. One good thing is that, unlike omelettes, pancakes take a couple of mins to cook. So, once the batter is inside, just put a lid over it and wait for the maker to handle the rest. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that one side is perfect you have to check the surface. If it is brown and has bubbles, then it is ready. After you see that, you can flip and repeat the same process for the opposite end.

Now, if you want to incorporate fillings, then you have to fill the maker to half the capacity. After that, add the filling and close the device. Also, remember that the amount/number of pancakes you are baking will affect how time required to make pancakes. 

Why Should You Use an Omelette Maker to Make Pancakes

Now, the biggest question that might pop into one’s head is why they would need such a utensil. Well, you will find the answers right here!

Fast Cooking

First, you have to make sure that it cooks fast. In this era, time is money, and no one wants to spend too long on such dishes. Now, the good thing with omelette makers is that they are fast! So, in no time, you will be able to get yourself wonderful pancakes.


Omelette makers do not have any complicated procedures. Hence, apart from fast cooking, the next thing that you have to take into consideration is the price. Fortunately, the average cost of such an item is quite affordable. Therefore, you can get yourself the best easily.

Mess Factor

Baking pancakes can be untidy. And, if you are using the conventional methods, then we can assure you that it is going to make your kitchen quite dirty. However, with omelette makers, the chances of your kitchen becoming untidy is close to null. 

Plus, once you are done with your work, you can stash and clean everything without any issue. Overall, the messy factor from using omelette makers to make pancakes is quite low. 

Final Words

Generally, making pancakes is no rocket science. And there are many people who are fine making pancakes using the old methods. 

Nevertheless, if you are one of those people who do not want to spend much time making pancakes, you will get to know how to make pancakes in an omelette maker easily from the method we have discussed here. 

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