How To Clean Kitchen Mats in 10 Minutes

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Have you ever lifted a kitchen mat and seen underneath it? Not a pretty sight. Kitchen mats can get dirty very easily with use. Replacing them all the time can be a hassle. So, the best way to maintain kitchen mats is by properly cleaning them.

Since most kitchen mats aren’t machine washable, you might be confused about how to clean them. To help, we have constructed this guide on how to clean kitchen mats so that you can learn how to properly maintain them.

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What You’ll Need for Cleaning Kitchen Mats

To properly clean your kitchen mats, you will need a few things. You will require;

1. Broom

Your kitchen mats can have debris or dirt stuck in them. The best way to get them out is by using a broom in conjunction with a dustpan. Brooms are good for the initial cleaning and getting large chunks of debris out of the mat. 

2. Kitchen Mat Cleaner

If you don’t have one, you will need a kitchen mat cleaner. These are designed to clean kitchen mats and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They won’t damage your kitchen mat during cleaning. Some cleaning solutions are abrasive and can wear down your kitchen mat. You may even need to dispose of it. 

3. Scrub Brush

Smaller debris can get stuck in kitchen mats which can be difficult to remove with a broom. For these, a scrub brush is very useful for properly cleaning your kitchen mat. 

4. Dish Soap

Some kitchen mats can be cleaned using dish soap instead of a kitchen mat cleaner. You can mix the dish soap with warm water for the best results. Dish soap can take a longer time to remove dirt and grease compared to specialized kitchen mat cleaners. Keep that in mind.

How to Clean Kitchen Mats

Once you have your cleaning supplies ready, you can begin cleaning your kitchen mat. Follow the instructions outlined below;

1. Initial Sweeping

First, use the broom to give your kitchen mat good sweeping. This is the initial cleaning step. It will help you remove dust and some large debris. Removing the dust from your kitchen mat is important as it prevents the build-up of grime in the next steps.

2. Preparing the Cleaning Solution

Next, grab a bucket or small tub and add warm water to it. To the warm water, add in a few drops of either cleaning solution or some dish soap. Mix them properly in the bucket or tub. It is recommended to prepare this outside if you’re worried about splashing water on your floor.

3. Soak the Kitchen Mat

Take the kitchen mat and submerge it into the bathtub or bucket with the cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning solution reaches all parts of the mat and properly seeps in. This will loosen the dirt & grime and make it easier for them to come off.

4. Scrub the Mat

Once the mat has been soaked, take the scrub brush and begin scrubbing. It is recommended to scrub repeatedly in circular or back and forth motions to get rid of the dirt and grime. Continue doing this until you see the dark grime leave the mat.

5. Rinse the Mat

Next, rinse the mat to get rid of any traces of chemical solution and dirt. You can do this in two ways. One is to put the mat under a shower with warm water. This will easily rinse the mat.

The other option (if you’re cleaning outside) is to use a garden hose. Connect the garden hose to a warm water supply and turn it on. Spray the water on the mat until all traces of cleaning solution has left.

6. Dry the Mat

Leave the mat in a place to dry. Make sure the surrounding area is warm and not damp so that it properly dries. Once it has fully dried, you can place it back inside the kitchen.


As you can see in this guide on how to clean kitchen mats, it is very easy to keep your kitchen mats sparklingly clean as long as you have the proper cleaning tools.

Keeping your kitchen mats clean will also help improve the look and feel of your kitchen in addition to extending their lifespan. If you want a kitchen mat that is both easy to clean and doesn’t get dirty easily, we highly recommend anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

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