6 Best Waffle Cone Maker Of 2022 [Toxic-Free Picks]

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That sweet smell of the bakery, which you dearly miss while all of us are rotting at home, thanks to Corona, can be brought back right where you are. Do not believe me? You are about to! Because with careful selection and proper research, I found the best waffle cone maker! 

Waffles are not at all hard to make, and you can easily achieve a bakery-like result at home with the right machine. So, here I am ready to introduce you to some of the bests of the best in the market. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into the reviews! Shall we? 

Quick Comparison: Best Waffle Cone Maker



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Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker 838

Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker 838

CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

Chef Buddy waffle cone maker 82-MM1234

Chef Buddy waffle cone maker 82-MM1234

Brentwood Waffle Cone Maker Appliances Ts-1405bl Blue

Brentwood Waffle Cone Maker Ts-1405bl

EJOYWAY Waffle Cone Maker

EJOYWAY Waffle Cone Maker

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker 110V

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker

Our Best Waffle Cone Maker Reviews & Buying Guide

Here are some of the veterans of this category that has lived up to many chefs’ expectations. So, shuffle through this list to find your match. 

1. Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker 838

Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker 838

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The first one on the list is from Chef’sChoice. As the name suggests, it has been the number one choice for many chefs over the years. 

First of all, this is made with a non-stick coating. The thing that annoys most people is how hard it is to remove the waffle from the waffle maker after it’s done. That matter is out of the picture with this thoughtful move of Chef’sChoice. 

It is super quick and easy to make a waffle in this waffle maker. You only have to wait 2 minutes before you can devour a freshly baked one. Yep! It’s that fast. Well, technically, the baking process is about 90 seconds; after that, it depends on how much browning you want in your piece. 

And the instant temperature recovery feature makes the waffle-making process even faster and smoother. 

And, the most amazing thing about this baby is that you don’t have to guess the color of how much browning you want. There are presets. Just press the button with your desired color, and boom! Done! 

Oh yeah, did I tell you it comes with a recipe book as well? How thoughtful of them! 


  • Non-stick coating for better results 
  • Baking takes 2 minutes only 
  • Comes with a recipe book 
  • Presets for how much browning you want is present 
  • Instant temperature recovery feature


  • Not very durable 

2. CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker
CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker
CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

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CucinaPro is such a brand that has been inspiring home cooks for ages. This brand has come up with amazing appliances to help the home cooks to get better and better, and this one is no exception either. 

A good waffle maker has a non-stick coating because let’s be honest, a waffle batter is the trickiest of all. It can stick to anything and everything like a hopeless romantic. So, a non-stick coating is a must which this one has. 

This isn’t only a waffle cone make, no sir. It can make you an ice cream bowl as well. Movie nights just got better with this waffle maker, am I right? Don’t worry; you don’t have to figure out the shape with some DIY creations because this one comes with its own molds for the cone as well as the bowl. 

If we talk about the cooking time, then CucinaPro is not falling short in this criterion too. You can have a waffle bowl or a cone in about 2 minutes. It looks like a total win-win from every direction to me! 


  • A multipurpose appliance, can bake a waffle cone and a bowl 
  • 100% Non-stick coating inside
  • Cooking time is as short as 2 minutes 
  • Comes with own bowl and cone maker 


  • Uneven browning 

3. Chef Buddy waffle cone maker 82-MM1234

Chef Buddy waffle cone maker 82-MM1234

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Chef Buddy is literally everything you could ask for in a waffle cone machine. Let me walk you through its spectacular features. 

First of all, this baby weighs about 3.55 pounds which is next to nothing. So next time you want some waffle on the go or anywhere in that matter, use this. Just make sure you have a power outlet nearby. 

There are tons of waffle recipes on YouTube that allow you to dump everything in a blender to make a perfect waffle batter. After, that you only have to wait 2-3 minutes before you can devour it. Yep, you guessed it right, this waffle machine takes only 2-3 minutes to cook your treat. 

Lastly, cleaning is super easy with this as it has a non-stick coating. This coating doesn’t only make the cooking experience smooth but also the cleaning. You only need a paper towel or a damp cloth to wipe it, and you have a clean waffle machine ready to roll. 


  • Very lightweight, about 3.55 pounds 
  • Super easy to use and clean 
  • Can cook a waffle in 2-3 minutes 
  • Non-stick coating for easy usage and cleaning 


  • A bit expensive

4. Brentwood Waffle Cone Maker Appliances Ts-1405bl Blue

Brentwood Waffle Cone Maker Appliances Ts-1405bl Blue

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I guess this is the most used waffle maker that I have seen over YouTube. Could that be for a reason? Or are they just doing it for monetary reasons? Let’s find out! 

This waffle maker lets you set your desired with a knob, temperature which sits right at the top of the machine. All you have to do is to turn the knob. The 7-inch in diameter plate is perfect for a standard-sized waffle cone. 

Then comes its browning abilities. The appetizing color that all the sugar cone has comes from the right temperature and a good press, which all can be done with this beast. There is a pre-heat setup that tells you when is your waffle maker ready for a new one. 

This is a 750-watt waffle makes that will save you some electricity if you chose to use this one. Also, it weighs about 3.37 pounds which makes it portable. If you have access to electricity, then this baby can be taken absolutely anywhere. 

  • Lightweight and portable for easy usage 
  • Temperature is adjustable to the liking 
  • Place is 7-inch in diameter which is the standard 
  • Pre-heats and indicates when it’s done


  • No accurate batter measurement provided, which is a problem for beginners 

5. EJOYWAY Waffle Cone Maker

EJOYWAY Waffle Cone Maker

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This is a different one than the other ones present in this list. It has a unique shape, and this baby requires no electricity to enjoy a freshly baked waffle treat. EJOYWAY is the most unique of them all. 

First of all, like any good waffle machine, this also a circular-shaped machine that is optimum for achieving a cone shape. Also, it has a non-stick coating which makes making the waffle as easy as cooking can get. As well as, cleaning will take literally seconds if done right. 

Some of the non-stick appliances in the market consist of harmful chemicals that can transfer to your food and eventually to your body. But this one is made of food-grade non-stick coating, which is perfectly safe for consumption. 

Not only waffles, crapes, and waffle cake can also be made with this super amazing appliance. Wondering what gift can make a home cook happy? This is it! Oh, it also comes with some recipe books absolutely free of cost. 

The most amazing part of it that you don’t have to use electricity with this one. Just place it over the stove and put it directly into the flame. In my opinion, this is easier than guessing when things are done. 


  • Doesn’t require electricity 
  • Food grade non-stick coating is used 
  • Perfect gift for anyone who loves waffle 
  • Easy to use and clean 


  • Can be a bit small for egg rolls

6. Gdrasuya10 Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker 110V

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker 110V

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At last, we reached the bottom of the list, and you can say I have saved one of the best for the last. This one is from Happybuy, and I’m sure you will be happy after buying this phenomenal waffle machine. 

This one is made with more professional usage in mind. So, if you are a home baker, you can easily think about going commercial if you have this by your side. With a stainless-steel body, you don’t have to worry about rusting any time soon. 

The non-stick coating in this machine will provide you optimum results. You are probably well aware that if the waffle tears even in one place, then it’s game over! You can’t have ice cream or your favorite sherbet in it anymore! For that reason, it has a non-stick coating which will release the waffles just as easily. 

And the coating is environmentally friendly as well. What an absolute great spin on a great feature! 

You can achieve 122-to-482-degree Fahrenheit temperature evenly and effortlessly. This is crucial for a waffle to get well baked and get crispy after a while. Obviously, you can control the temperature to your desire as well. 


  • Suited for both home and commercial usage 
  • Stainless-steel body for rust protection 
  • Temperature control settings for customization
  • Evenly distributed heat for a good waffle 
  • Environmentally friendly non-stick coating 


  • A bit expensive

What to Look Before Buying?

A good waffle maker has several functionalities. Over which you have to make sure the below-mentioned ones are present if you are looking for a good deal. So, let’s get ahead and get to know what features make a waffle maker the best one of the bunch. 

Non-Stick Coating 

This feature is a no-brainer! Of course, a non-stick coating is an absolute must. You see, waffles have that classic waffle pattern which can be achieved only with a mold that is cut and made like that. 

Most waffle makers do come with that pattern too, but the zig-zag shape will be hard to remove from the plate if it does not have a non-stick coating. 

Also, a non-stick coating makes it easier to clean after use. So, go for that and make sure the coating is a food-grade one; otherwise, you could be ingesting toxic chemicals with the food made with the machine. 

Evenly Distributed Temperature 

Make sure that the machine can give you an evenly distributed temperature. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, if the temp is not distributed evenly on the plate, then you can run the risk of overcooking one place and undercooking other spots of the same cone. 

Another reason is that it won’t have even-browning all over the waffle if the temperature is not distributed evenly. To me and a lot of people I know, that doesn’t look appetizing, and I’m positive that you won’t love that look either. 

Durable and Easy to Store 

Well, it goes without saying that you want a durable machine. So a flimsy one that barely does the job but costs less won’t actually save you any money if you think long term. Invest in a good waffle maker, of which you can get years of usage. That is a smart choice to make. 

Also, a waffle maker has to be easy to store because not every kitchen has a huge counter space or storage. If you do, then kudos to you, but if you don’t, this is also an important factor to keep in mind while shopping for a waffle maker. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some questions you still might have and their answers. 

1. Which is better, a rotating waffle maker or a regular one? 

It depends on your comfort level with each of these. But most people find a rotating one more challenging to handle than a regular one. So, my suggestion is to go for a regular design. But if you can handle it, a rotating one is a much better choice. 

2. The non-stick coating is important? 

Of course! Without a doubt, it is very crucial for a smooth waffle-making experience. 

3. How to use a waffle maker? 

Firstly, you have to have your waffle batter ready to go. To make that, follow the recipes that came with your machine or search YouTube. After you have your batter ready, pour a cup or half a cup of the batter into the preheated waffle plate. How much you should pour depends on your machine’s plate size. 

Wait for a couple of minutes and check if it’s cooked properly. Now roll the cone with a cone roller or press it in a bowl shape with a bowl mold. Let it rest for a few minutes and enjoy! 

Final Words 

The best waffle cone maker isn’t simply the one that has the most hype. A waffle maker that adapts and lets you work around the mistakes and with which you feel the most comfortable is the best one. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the recipes and try out other things too. With a good waffle maker, there are no limits to the delicious treats.

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