Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors 2022 [Top 10]

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We all love kitchen mats. Some of them stick to the floors well, while others give you the ride of your life, and you end up with a broken back! And there’s a pretty small line between getting a good one and ending up in the hospital.

Kitchen mats shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Wrong! Finding the perfect kitchen mat for hardwood kitchen floors can easily become a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve brought together a list of the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors for you! If you take a peek into this list, there’s a possibility that you might end up getting the kitchen rug that you want!

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Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Kangaroo Original Standing Kitchen Rug

Turquoize Luxurious Non Slip Rug

Turquoize Luxurious Non Slip Rug

GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Sky Solutions Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Solutions Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat

Casa Pura Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Casa Pura Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors Reviews and Buying Guide

Now that you know why you need a good rug for your kitchen, let’s take a peek into the reviews!

1. Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

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First on our list is this one from Sky Solutions. Feast your eyes on one of the highest-rated products ever. They’ve been in the business for a long time now, and they’re still going strong due to prolonged quality assurance.

For your ease of selection, Sky Solutions offers this rug in four different sizes. You can even choose from 10 different gorgeous-looking colors. It’s a rectangular hand wash-only mat for people spending prolonged hours in the kitchen.

It’s called anti-fatigue because it features a soft foam inner. The foam successfully reduces stress and relaxes your joints and muscles. It’s comfortable, safe, and keeps the floor clean. What more could you ask for!

If you’re having posture problems while working in the kitchen, this mat will have you covered. Develop superior balance and posture by working on this one.

You’ve probably seen cases of fatigued spines due to not having the proper support underneath. Sky Solutions successfully puts an end to those jarring days with this kitchen mat.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • It has an environmentally friendly design
  • Beveled edges for proper support
  • Repels pet hair and dust


  • It might come with a disturbing smell in the box

2. ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

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Here is another solid offering, and this time it’s from ComfiLife. This one is so good that it definitely gave tough competition to the one on the top spot. The high ratings say that this is one kitchen floor mat to beat!

ComfiLife gives you all the choices with sizes and colors. You can pick this mat up in three different sizes, so pick the one that fits your kitchen the best. The long list of 11 color options should also make this a top buy.

You don’t have to take constant breaks while working when you’re working on top of this mat from ComfiLife. It is engineered to give you the ultimate comfort with its padded surface.

The mat comes with a thick core that will give enough support to your knees and legs and reduce any back pain your old rug used to cause you.

What’s more interesting is that the mat is multi-purpose, which means that you can use it in your laundry room or even in your office below your work desk. Now, that’s some flexibility you can get behind!


  • Comes with an anti-slip surface
  • Boasts an anti-microbial surface
  • Great for muscle and joint pain
  • Available in multiple colors


  • A bit too soft for some peoples’ liking

3. Kangaroo anti fatigue mat 3/4 thick superior comfort

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Here’s one with loads of extra features from Kangaroo. They’ve made quite a name for themselves over the years, and they’re continuing to grow. This kitchen mat from them is one of their bestsellers, and we’re going to tell you why.

Well, I definitely have to talk about the size and color choices here. Because Kangaroo has made sure that your favorite combination isn’t missed out, that’s right, you get to choose from 7 different sizes and 18 different color patterns with this one.

The best part about this is probably the thick foam padding that provides extra support for your feet when you’re working in the kitchen. You don’t have to sit down every now and then because this one guarantees prolonged work hours.

A lot of cheaper mats wear down and show their age poorly. But this one will hold up just fine even after a couple of years of use. The added comfort with the thick cushioning is truly a blessing.

It’s unlike any other mat with its unique low-profile design. You won’t even notice that it’s there!


  • Sports a low-profile design
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Boasts a thick foam padding
  • Added comfort with cushioning


  • PVC surface might not age well

4. Turquoize Luxurious Non Slip Rug

Turquoize Luxurious Non Slip Rug

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It is about time to bring in a special kind of kitchen rug. Turquoize is pretty new to the game, but they’ve made quite a reputation already. And their fabulous kitchen rugs are to be held responsible for the hype.

You can choose from three different sizes, and the biggest size will surprise you. It is long enough to cover an entire countertop’s length. Turquoize also made sure to give you the option to choose from 13 different beautiful color choices.

So what’s the hype all about? It said that the unique striped pattern is what makes people go crazy over this rug. It’s plush, soft, comfortable, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The fluffy fabric is what keeps you on edge with this one. It’s a soft microfiber lining that is comfortable to work on. Even the bottom part is lined with silicone to provide a secure grip.

If you want to use this in front of your sink unit and you’re worried about water-resistant, then don’t fret because this mat can perfectly absorb water.


  • Soft and plush material
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Absorbs water to keep the floor clean
  • Comfortable to work on


  • The striped pattern isn’t for everyone

5. GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

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Here’s a designer floor mat that’s about to add some glamour to your kitchen floor. GelPro has made some prospective products over the years, and this one is no different. Let’s take a peek into the features and quirks.

Before going into the details, let’s see how many options you get. You’ll be glad to know that the NewLife floor mat comes in six different size variants. Even the color choices are out of this world with a whopping 32 color patterns.

This foam-padded son of a gun has a standard thick foam inner lining. It’s labeled “anti-fatigue,” and it really works like it’s supposed to. You can finally say goodbye to your back, spine, and joint pains.

The bottom of the mat has a silicone no-skid surface. This makes sure that you don’t lose balance and get tumbled even on the wettest of kitchen floors. Accidents might still happen, but the NewLife mat does reduce the chances by a lot!

With its stylish patterns and practical beveled edges, this one is certainly one to look out for. The construction of the entire thing gives it some extra juice too.


  • It’s easy to clean
  • Comes in 32 different color patterns
  • Non-skid slip-resistant design
  • Offers a thick foam padding for comfort


  • Edges begin to curl sooner than later

6. Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue Designer Mat

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If you’re already tired of the basic and minimal kitchen mats, then boy, do we have one for you! This one from Amcomfy boasts perfect floral patterns to bring back some of the rustic vibes from back in the days.

When customization is a key concern, you’ll be glad to know that you can find this one in three different sized options. Even the colors aren’t limited either. The six different colors also have a couple of different patterns to give you the perfect room to choose from.

Curling is a big problem with kitchen mats that come with beveled edges. But Amcomfy is well aware of the industry standards, and they promise that their mats won’t curl. The same goes for this one.

You can clean this mat easily since it doesn’t stain. It’s also abrasion-resistant so that you can wipe off any excess dirt from the surface with a proper scrubbing tool.

If you’re looking for versatility, then look no further because you can practically use this kitchen mat in places other than the kitchen too. Whether you want a new rug for your office or laundry room, this does look like a compelling buy.


  • Beveled edges for superior comfort
  • Comes with a stain-resistant surface
  • Boasts a non-slip base
  • Easy to clean and resists abrasion


  • It’s not waterproof

7. Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

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If you’re on the hunt for something funky, then this one from Butterfly might just blow your mind. You might not have heard too much about them, but they’re on the rise to become the next big thing! And this mat just shows that off.

Butterfly wasn’t shy to offer you tons of customizable options with this mat. You can find this in 4 different sizes and 8 different color patterns. All the designs pop with the right lighting and composition, so your kitchen will definitely not look boring. 

If you really want to feel the pain moving away from your knees, joints, and back, then this mat from Butterfly can do it all! It’s even shaped ergonomically to give you the best experience and comfort while you’re working on top of it.

Cleaning this beast is an absolute pleasure. All you will need is a damp cloth. Wipe off the dirt with a wet cloth and see the mat shine bright again.

The beveled edges on this thing make it a proper anti-fatigue mat. And since it’s incredibly long, it can cover up to the length of an entire kitchen countertop. So, you won’t have to move it around from side to side continuously.


  • Available in multiple popping patterns
  • Ergonomic design with excellent comfort
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Non-curling beveled edges for durability


  • Soapy water might damage the mat

8. iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

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Comfort is a top priority for the iCustomRug anti-fatigue mat. They are pretty new to the game, but they’ve already won a lot of hearts. Let’s take a quick peek at some of its quirks to see how this holds up in 2021.

If you’re a fan of colors and patterns, then this offering from iCustomRug has got you covered with up to 7 different color patterns. But if you’re looking for options in the size department, you’ll probably be disappointed as this only comes in the single-sized variant.

With different colors and patterns, this one definitely isn’t all show and no go. The memory foam is thick, and it supports your legs and, eventually, your entire body when you’re working on top of it.

You can get a great value out of this one as the durability rating pretty much skyrockets. The surface is stain- and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning this too often. And, when you do, the process is quite seamless.

This one will last you a couple of years if you’re able to take proper care of it. So, do try it out if it fits your budget.


  • Water- and stain-resistant
  • Comes with a thick memory foam
  • Available in multiple patterns
  • Superior durability


  • The surface might seem a bit sticky

9. Sky Solutions Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Solutions Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat

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Well, what do we have here? Another entry from Sky Solutions. So, you can probably guess how great they are to be featured twice already! Just like the first one on the list, you can expect some excellent quality from this one too.

If you’re wondering about the size and color choices, there’s an abundance here too. You get to choose from 3 different sizes and 6 different color patterns. With a little customization, you can come up with the perfect combination.

Just like the first Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat on the list, and probably like every other Sky Solutions product, this one provides ultimate comfort. If you’re concerned about the thickness, you can be happy to know that you’ll get commercial-grade thickness.

The edges are beveled perfectly to help your legs ease onto the surface of the mat. And if you’re worried about some off-gassing, don’t even fret because the materials are one hundred percent non-toxic.

No matter which color you get, you’ll be greeted with a unique modern minimalistic look. Sky Solutions aim to provide the best safety and quality with this one.


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Beveled edges for more safety
  • Great for reducing back pain
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • Colors might not be the same as pictures

10. Casa Pura Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Casa Pura Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

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Let’s end this list on a high note with this fabulous anti fatigue kitchen mat from Casa Pura. It’s perfectly okay if you haven’t heard of the company just yet. But they’re doing really well with the limited products that they offer.

Although you only get one standard size to choose from, you can surely customize your color choice. Choose from black or brown, both of which should go quite well with kitchen floors.

The polyurethane gel foam inner lining of this floor mat is soft and comfortable. So, you can expect the perfect working conditions when you’re washing the dishes or cutting some vegetables.

If durability is something that concerns you, then you should probably look to buy one of these. They can hold up to 460lbs of weight. So, you can probably guess how durable this mat is.

The versatility is also a prime factor for these types of mats. So, if you’re planning to use this kind of mat in an office or in the laundry room, be my guest!


  • Anti-slip bottom surface
  • Can hold up to 460lbs.
  • Ensures comfort for your legs
  • It helps reducing back pain


  • Shape starts to deform after a while

What to Look for Before Buying?

With the reviews out of the way, you probably know what’s coming next. Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider before making your purchase.


You might be wondering how this could be a factor to consider, but it is. That’s because all kitchens aren’t made the same. Some require narrow mats, while others can do well with a huge one.

Nothing’s worse than a kitchen mat that’s too small to accommodate your two legs perfectly. So, make sure you’ve got the size checked perfectly before buying.

Ease of Cleaning

The mat you’re using must be easy to clean. Since you’re probably going to be using this in the kitchen, it’s going to collect a lot of dirt quite quickly. So, it’s essential that you can clean the dirt off the mat without much stress.


Safety is one of the biggest concerns while purchasing kitchen mats for hardwood floors. You can’t compromise this factor since your physical wellbeing depends on it.

Check for a mat that has a non-slip silicone surface. That type of surface will stick to the hardwood floors and keep you from slipping accidentally. Be sure to check for the anti-slip features while you’re shopping for mats.


Since you’re probably buying an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, comfort should be one of your key priorities. Usually, the mats have an inner foam layer that has a ¼-1inch of thickness.

This thickness is enough to provide your legs with a solid base when you’re washing the dishes or cutting veggies for dinner. So, take a deep look into the comfortability factors before making the big purchase.


We’ve put this at the end since not a lot of people care about how their mats look like as long as they work perfectly. But for those of you who want to stay in style with the minimalistic trends, you can check out basic patterned mats from different brands and pick the one you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the gel mats on my hardwood floor?

Yes, gel mats are perfectly safe for hardwood kitchen floors. You can experience the coolness of the gel mats while working. These mats do their best to provide you a relaxing working experience.

  1. Will my hardwood floor get scratched if I use a mat?

No and yes. There’s no perfect answer. If you bought a cheaper mat that skips out on the silicone bottom surface, there’s still a chance that you might accidentally scratch your precious hardwood floor.

  1. Which thickness should I go for?

These anti-fatigue mats are correctly built to provide you pure comfort. They range from ¼ inches to 1 inch in thickness. Usually, the ¾ inch mats are the perfect buy. But your choice can vary depending on the firmness level that you prefer.

  1. Do anti-fatigue mats really work?

Yes, it’s been found from a conducted research that anti-fatigue mats can provide a beneficial impact on your health. They can truly harness the strength and help you get rid of joint and back pains.

  1. How do anti-fatigue mats work?

These mats do precisely what they claim, they reduce your fatigue from working prolonged hours. If you work for continuous hours while standing, you’re bound to pick up a sore knee joint or acute back pain. These mats use their unique beveled-edge design to reduce any sort of fatigue.

Final Words

So, these were the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors in 2021. They’re all packed with useful features, and they’ll keep you steady while you’re working on them. If you don’t want a back-breaking experience, you can surely try out one of these!

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